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It’s been a long while since i posted something up here and i know Jason’s getting a little bugged that his two man band has seen a 50% drop in efficiency in the past month. Apologies for that. I would say that i was busy with work and couldn’t find the time to publish something new and snappy on this quaint website of ours, but that would be a lie. I’ve been lazy. * cue in ‘wah lau kengster!* gibberish* And for that i’m sorry again.

But i digress..

I’d like to say a big thank you to all those who caught DFTL the other day on the tele and dropped by our site for a look see. Though I’m pretty sure most of you did so because we came out as one of the ealier google searches while you were searching for something else to do with the show (which ironically would make this post redundant) It’s still nice to see to have people come by. It’s like CNY anyways. Though I don’t think we have a cyber-mandarin orange app included (someone should come up with that).

Jason and i have both had our hands busy these past months with new challenges and newer experiences. Though that’s not gonna stop us from hitting the streets. We’ll be looking to head down on a more regular basis to fill the handful of orchard road tunnels with original music that would make sense if you just slowed down your pace and took a listen.

Be sure to visit our facebook page as well to keep yourself in the loop. There’s tons to do and 09 is the year to do it! The link’s on the right of the screen.

Many well wishes to everyone reading. We hope to see you through the tunnel(s) sometime soon.

later skater!


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