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First professional recording session

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local singapore band low intensity professional recording

Last Saturday 15th November, the 3 of us (Mark, Damon and me) went to a studio to do our recording. Located along Joo Chiat Road, Sound Advice was to me quite impressive, especially with their entire set up. Like you could visually see the person in the recording room from the mixing room so if Mark sang something that was off, we could just shake our heads and he got it. Continue reading ‘First professional recording session’

We’re on August Magazine’s November issue!

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The article’s about Mark Tay (writer for August Magazine), being a diligent reporter that he is, joining a busker (me), to see how life is busking on the streets.

If you’re wondering, we’re on page 84 of the November’s issue(right), which I’m still trying to scan, whereby somehow in the photos you can’t really see me cos I’m either cut off or blocked by Mark. (you’ll understand if you get your hands on one)

Think Mark did a great job in the article.

So once I get the scanned copy of page 84, I’ll be sure to upload it. Or, just grab a copy of Singapore Definitive Men’s Journal:The Music Issue at all Mama shops and news-stands.

Ableton live vs logic pro for mixing indie music?

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So I’ve got an Ableton live that comes with the M-Audio 410 firewire that we use to record and experiment with the music, playing with the drum beats, adding strings, back-up voice overs. All in hope of getting the right kind of feel for the song. Continue reading ‘Ableton live vs logic pro for mixing indie music?’

Mark Tay’s on ‘Don’t forget the lyrics Singapore’

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On the 29th Wednesday 2008, I went down to Medicorp (Waiz and I walked up a damn steep and long slope to finally get to the studio). Cos Mark Tay was on the game show ‘Don’t forget the lyrics’ hosted by Gurmit Singh. Continue reading ‘Mark Tay’s on ‘Don’t forget the lyrics Singapore’’