First professional recording session

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local singapore band low intensity professional recording

Last Saturday 15th November, the 3 of us (Mark, Damon and me) went to a studio to do our recording. Located along Joo Chiat Road, Sound Advice was to me quite impressive, especially with their entire set up. Like you could visually see the person in the recording room from the mixing room so if Mark sang something that was off, we could just shake our heads and he got it.

Kamal showed us around the studio and even to his newly set up mastering room, from how he explained it, it’s his little baby full of pride and joy. So now if we’ve got to do any professional mastering, we have to option of doing it local.

We’re very happy with how the recording turned out and amazed how short we took to tie down the strings, vocals and back-ups. Good thing we didn’t break out into uncontrollable laughter and drag the session further! Cos that’s gonna cost another bomb!

According to our ‘producer’ Damon, it’s gonna take about 3 months for the final product to roll out. Now that’s a really long time, yet for ‘Guns & Roses’ its been 12 years and they’re still working on their album! So 3 months is relatively short in comparison.

As for now, we’ll just have to work on picking the creme de la creme of our songs and continue to perfect it and do professional recordings.

Looking forward to the finished song.. and like the Heineken advertisement after the Mars Sojourner opens the green bottle..

“And now we wait”

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  • Hello Jason and Mark,

    I stumbled upon your blog and I thank you for the nice words you used to describe your recording experience with us here at Sound Advice. We look forward to working with Low Intensity again and all the best!

    Kamal Mahtani

  • Hi Kamal!

    Yeah we had a great experience, will let you have a listen once Damon has done his magic with the producing.

    Cool to see you here!

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