StarWorld’s Asia Uncut with Sheikh Haikel (Wheelock underpass)

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Off to another underpass! This time over at Wheelock Place where we observed that the normal passerbys were better dressed, more well groomed, had a louder *cluck* on the heel, better educated and overall more polished. That’s of course according to the ‘Census 2008 Singapore underpass population’. Amazing that even in a tight urban jig-saw like Orchard Road, demographics vary to the point of superficial-obviousity. On top of that , it’s much quieter than the Lucky Plaza - Takashimaya underpass.

Now that you’ve got an education in social tendencies of the “town people”, we come back down to music and busking. We recently got to know about Asia Uncut - a talkshow similar to Letterman that seek to depict Asian uniqueness in a raw format. It airs exclusively on StarWorld Fridays 11:30pm (South East Asia).

Asia Uncut wanted to do something on busking and approached us for something casual and on site, so we went to the quieter underpass and was surprised to see Sheikh as the roving reporter instead of the “ang-moh” who hosts the show. Thanks to Sheikh’s complete and utter nonsensical demeanor, the whole gig was a laugh and puzzlement on ‘the heck he’s talking about’!

The Sheikh managed to get passerbys to donate a lot more than if we were busking without any help, prob due to his overpowering size. Thanks man! Owe you 1.

“Shake (Sheikh) & Bake”

- Ricky Bobby (Telladega Night)

A break-dancing group ‘Radical Force’ was also part of the underpass party and literally stopped traffic once their legs started doing some crazy ‘Chun-Li Streetfighter’ numbers. I could have sworn that someone’s face was gonna be Conversed. We played some impromptu Break beats to groove with their breaking and it was something we’ve never done or more like definitely not moving towards that musical direction.

While all this was happening, a passer-by carrying a cool SLR stopped and started snapping away . Obviously intrigued by the entire abnormal occurrence in the usual muted underpass. Big thanks to Cullen who took the photos you see here!

Thanks AsiaUncut team for that enjoyable session.

Once we know when the show’s gonna air, we’ll give an update here.


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    looking forward to that episode of starworld’s asia uncut featuring your band. but i dont have starworld, though.. will it be available on you tube? =p

  • Grrr… what a bummer.. well i’m on a same boat as ya, got no StarWorld so I’ll try to post it here so you can take a peek about this ‘Asia Uncut’.

    Your blog’s very pinky pink, a tad too much for me liking but… it’s nice.

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    Don’t let go of your mouse, cos the video’s gonna be out real soon!

  • Hi guys,

    I just wanted to tell you what a cool thing it is that you both are doing this! I wish I was back there to come hear you guys but YouTube and this site will have to suffice.

    I took the liberty of writing a blog post about you both just to spread the word! :D Great job you two! And the songs are awesome! LOVE IT!

    Much support & love from NY!

  • Hi jason

    Just to let you know i have linked this blog post to the Asia Uncut page on facebook - hope over time it drives you some traffic… also we are uploading the shows to facebook as they get aired on starworld so you can catch them there.. Episode 3 going up this week - 1 & 2 are already there :-)

  • Hey Andrews Peters (that’s like Ricky Bobbie of Talledega Nights - You’ve got 2 first names!!! Awesome! heh)

    Thanks for dishing out the love, we’re feelin’ in over here. Just checked out the FB page, pretty cool that you’re uploading the episodes cos not everyone 1) Has cable 2) Subscribes to StarWorld 3)Is in front of the tube at the time the show screens. So what you’re doing is a big help, especially since I fall into Cat 1). Don’t know about Mark though..

    Sooooo… I know someone’s gonna call us to inform when our epi is on, but have you got any idea?

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