Video: Channelnewsasia’s i journalist busking interview with Nina E Varghese

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Channel News Asia’s video interview with buskers Low Intensity. For those who managed to catch us on TV thanks for staying by the screen and not walking away. Yet for the majority 84% of you that didn’t get a chance to watch it, here’s a portion of the clip below.

Courtesy of ChannelNewsAsia’s beauties Nina(reporter) and Nancy(producer) who tolerated intense nonsense from us. Btw, Happy Birthday Nancy! Wherever you’re celebrating it.

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  • what’s that song at 2:44? it’s nice!

  • i included your site in my friends’ blogs list =)

  • how come i dont see my first comment? anyway, the song at 2:44 is nice. what’s the title? =)

  • Chilly Brrr! Thanks for adding us to your list, sign off with your addy so that we can take a looky at your site.

    As for the song at 2:44, it’s our rendition of “My Girl” by The Temptations. Glad you enjoyed the song, we’ll put it up on our MySpace player soon and drop you an email once it’s done.

    Appreciate you feedback and response brrr.. *shudders*

  • ooohh, that was my girl? i didnt recognize it. yeah, i liked it. nice!

    if i post my website in the website box, will it be viewed by everyone? one of my friends knows your site too, and i will die from teasing if my friend ever finds out… =D

  • hey you thanks! We either play original music written by the both of us or put our flavour to songs we like, kinda what we did for “My Girl”.

    And you just made our week!

    and it can be viewed by everyone, it’s a way of sharing blogs and sites so that others can also see what goodies they can get outta your site. Just drop us a link under the “contact” and we’ll promise not to tell anyone…

    not even your friend “Shhh”

  • i like what you guys do and stand for -) taking it to the streets! all the best, but the scene is small, get to know some of the organisers who can give you a gig too! - exhaust all avenues -)

  • Yo Brian! You’re in Leeson together with Thomas (classmate).

    Heard from him you guys are up for ‘Live’n'Loaded’ so that’s a big COOLNESS to you! Great job man.

    And thank you for your comforting comments, we will keep our eyes peeled and ears tuned to organizers far and wide.

    All the best for the ‘Live’n'Loaded gig! Will definitely be watching in support. See you used sound advice for Track 3 of your “Speed Dating”, nice…

    Any idea when’s your gig on TV?

  • Hi Jason! Hahaha, omigosh, it was after talking with Thomas that I realised i attended your wedding! Congrats on baby Caden! Hahaha, Shi’en was at the desk behind me in Sec 4, how time flies

    Yeah, we worked with Kamal on that one song, he’s a champ -)

    We’ll see you around sometime!

  • Hey Brian, i got the same flashback after replying you and asking En about the band. She told me the same thing (sitting 1 desk away in Sec 4).

    And after that, I do remember you at the wedding, you were asking Mark about the band after he performed on stage. Think you wore a jacket that night.

    Anyhoooos, great meeting you again! And hopefully in the same stage. Opening for the main performance-Leeson.

    Perhaps.. heh.

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