ChannelNewsAsia i-journalist: Low Intensity’s busking interview with Nina E Varghese

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Woot!! Thank you I-journalist for dropping by the tunnel and spending a little time speaking with us bout music and busking. Was great to meet you guys!

On hindsight, Jason and I seriously gave host Nina a pretty crummy time. We have to apologise for the constant breakouts in laughter and extremely unrelated answers to her questions, but she was seriously professional and cool as a cucumber in an arctic winter. Tons more respect the next time we catch you on CNA or Channel 5 news!

And of course, many many many thanks to Nancy the producer who made all the arrangements despite all the last minute decisions on tunnel venue and availability. You’re a star!

A side note would have to be the random busker that came up to us during the interview to claim his territorial right to busk along the same tunnel. Seriously that’s never happened to us before. Not very sure of his name cos he wouldn’t tell us. He’s like Zorro wielding a guitar without a mask or cape. Ironically that was just as we were about to say how all the buskers in Singapore get along just peachy with one another without disputes at all. Sad we couldn’t get him on tape. oh well…= /

Think the show’s supposed to be aired 23rd of Feb so we’ll definitely be heading back home to catch it.

Here are some shots taken during the interview itself. Thanks Mr Subur for the expert photo taking skills. should hire you.

And for those of you who’re checking out our site for the first time, please do take a moment to take a listen to our music. It’s all a little raw but we’re brushing stuff up as we go along. Leave a comment cos we love to hear what anyone has to say. (even that scary busker dude.)

This is where it all happened… being interviewed by Nina E Varghese

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