3rd busking at Orchard Road in work clothes (not too “proper” busking attire)

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Our 3rd busking session on the 10th of September was kinda strange.

Let me explain:

  1. We started out positioned a bit too much to the left of the underpass, so I felt that our sound was a bit too overpowered by the audio reverb from the chattering along the narrow stairway. (Mark on the other hand, feels that I’m over-reacting and the acoustics were perfectly fine)
  2. We were both in formal working attire: Long sleeve shirts, leather belts and pants with leather shoes. Somehow (this is still a theory) the audience didn’t take too well with our whole ‘look’. Maybe they felt that we stood out like unshaven sheep amongst their shaven brothers and sisters. Whatever the reason, it wasn’t good. So Tees for the next sessions.
  3. My right hand has been under some strain recently and I was wearing a wrist guard, which impeded my strumming (which is what wrist guards are meant to do, so i don’t blame it). So I was more focused on the “don’t over-sprain-my-wrist” than the “if i play a little harder here, it’ll really bring out the tune”.
  4. Mark’s voice was a bit of a Siberian HUSKY and wasn’t in top form. So some of the parts sounds slightly weak and didn’t hit the ‘Omph’ that he so easily gets most of the time.
  5. Lastly, Mark pointed out that we didn’t see as many familiar faces as before that stopped to listen to our sound. Something about positive feedback from expecting and attentive ears just DOES IT for musicians.
So, with the above 5 points, I think I have did a proper A.A.R. (after action review: for all you Army acronym lovers out there) on what went wrong on this session.
It didn’t go all bleh, we did enjoy ourselves and we thank all you that gave (especially the lady on the mobile phone that gave GENEROUSLY even though she seems to not be paying attention to us).
Thanks for reading, and check out our events calender on the right to see and updates.

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