3rd Busking session in town

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A big hello and thank you to those who are visiting. And if you actually got this url from our poster as you so deftly walked by last wed, an even bigger Wahoo! cos that would mean the money spent on that board of info went to good use.

As Jason mentioned the recent session was a little different from the rest, though it’s kinda expected seeing that we can’t hope for our friends to always be coming by. i mean they do have full time jobs…most of them anyways.

That being said almost every session we have as ‘tunnel idols’ as a friend of mine mentioned is always a very eventful one. We’re learning what it means to perform just once a week without the pressure from pub owners and venue staff. Much respect must go to bands who play night after night at proper locations. It’s truly a very humbling experience.

Anyways we’re going to be getting a proper calendar up so you can check out our location. And that will tell you when we eventually decided to *shudder* move to another tunnel if some tibetian dude is taking the space or that scary guy with the er hu is present. It’s like the league of extraordinary gents mixed with mystery men…fun.

will see ya when we do. till then =)


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