Busking at Orchard Underpass (between Takashimaya and Lucky plaza)

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Hi, welcome to our website, this is the very first post you’re reading and we hope you’ll continue to read and find out just what we’re up to. Check out our about low intensity section for a small introduction to the band (sounds like so many people…).

Today’s going to be our 2nd time busking in Orchard. I made a poster so that people who walked passed can know something more about us rather than label us as “another busker on the street, must try to evade the 1-meter zone of feeling obligated to give.”

Let me try to clear the air. If you see us and don’t give, we don’t feel any resentment against you. We have 2 main purposes why we’re out there playing our music.

  1. Feeling alive
  2. Sharing songs that touch hearts, open minds and tap feet

But for those we do show their appreciation to our sound, we are grateful for the encouragement and thumbs-up.

See you guys tonight!

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