2nd Busking in Orchard Road underpass

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Low intensity's 2nd busking session at the taka-lucky plaza underpass

Low intensity at the taka-lucky plaza underpass

Hi to all the people who heard our music last night and a big thank you for all your gifts of appreciation.

It was quite a tiring session, standing and singing for almost 2 hours straight and going through, I reckon , all our songs twice.

For all the friends that came down like Leon Suwondo Suseno Subu, Veggie, Denise chia, Elizabeth plus the unlikely korean passerby as well as my (mark’s) colleagues from work, a very very very heartfelt thank you for taking the time to swing by.

Also, thanks to Ann*(edited for Ann minor E) from Malaysia that stood by the side and listened to more than a half hour. And though we offered a chair, she was too embarrassed to just sit opposite 2 guys with guitars singing while the world passes by wondering ‘what’s up?’. I mean that’s pretty normal no?

It was a satisfying session even though it rained big time and we went there a tad drenched. Jason is still working on the MacDonald’s song which I feel is not ‘there yet’. And we MUST remember to bring the tuner the next round (hope none of you noticed any off-key strings.)

If all goes according to plan, we’ll be performing again next Wednesday at around 7pm till 8ish.

Come down and take a listen. It’s a rather central spot and if you really can’t stand our music, shopping is just around the corner. It’s a win win situation all around.

We’ll see you when we do. Have a great rest of the week mr. or ms. random reader! =)

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  • Hey there!

    It was a pleasure listening to u guys.
    I’m a big gig fan over in msia too.
    Too bad my partner in crime wasn’t there.
    He’d have enjoyed your performance too.

    U know what? I only realized i forgot to ‘donate’ after i left the venue!!!!
    SORRRYYY!!!!! Next time k..malaysian coins can ar?

    Hope to catch u guys the next time im there.
    Mean time…all the best and keep it real ya!

  • Hey Ann minor E (that sounds like a new chord you just invented girl!)

    Whooo yahh! Heard that mark, we’ve got a fan now in Malaysia, so that kinda means we’re now INTERNATIONAL! Wha hahaha… (1 and counting…)

    Forget about the ‘gift’ part, you’ve given more by standing there and listening and appreciating our songs. That’s PRICELESS babe!

    Also, send some of the shots you took over, so we can put it up here.

    Hope to see you the next time you visit ‘Ann minor E’!
    Till next time… Stay ‘tuned’

  • Great to have met you too Ann. Do hope to see you and your friend in the future soon.

    And yeah honestly it’s not about the money. Just knowing someone bothered to hear us out for a bit was really what made the night fantastic. So thank you once again.

    We’ll be setting up bit of a calendar if we can to showcase our performance locations and times. keep you posted on that.

    And btw, not sure if this is sad or cool to you, but think you’re the only other person besides jason and i who have even looked at this site. Big thumbs up!!

    Cheers! and seeya soon.

  • Guys, don’t worry la..u just started right.
    Soon ur gonna get more fans!

    Im gonna promo u guys o facebook.
    I’ve loaded one pic of ur band there.
    U guys on fb?

  • Hi Ann! You’re awesome, even though you’re like miles away in a different country you can still be such a blessing!

    Yes, we’re both on facebook, and I’ve just added you 2 minutes ago and you can find Mark from me.

    One more thing, can I have permission to grab some pics you took to add to our blog’s photo album?

    And when’ll you be coming back to Singapore? If you happen to be swinging by tomorrow, Wed 10 Sept, we’ll prob be playing at the same place around 7.30pm.

    See Ya!

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