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StarWorld’s Asia Uncut with Sheikh Haikel (Wheelock underpass)

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Off to another underpass! This time over at Wheelock Place where we observed that the normal passerbys were better dressed, more well groomed, had a louder *cluck* on the heel, better educated and overall more polished. That’s of course according to the ‘Census 2008 Singapore underpass population’. Continue reading ‘StarWorld’s Asia Uncut with Sheikh Haikel (Wheelock underpass)’


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(a continuation of previous article here) Finally, I managed to get an copy of this article…thanks to the fantastic magazine AUGUST MAN, and to the diligent photographer Yong-the-mooky-veggie. We’re able to cryogenically-cyberspace a piece of printed mag for your viewing pleasure. Thanks Mark. Continue reading ‘BUSK IN THE CITY-AUGUST MAN NOVEMBER 2008, Pg 84 by Mark Tay’

Don’t forget the lyrics Singapore video (Mark Tay)

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After some digging around, I managed to get this video. For those that didn’t really catch Mark in action, here’s a bit of what happened during recording…


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Check out what happened behind the scenes of the show. Think it’s much more accurate representation of what happened that night!


fillet-o-fish for all!!

Thank You!!

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It’s been a long while since i posted something up here and i know Jason’s getting a little bugged that his two man band has seen a 50% drop in efficiency in the past month. Apologies for that. I would say that i was busy with work and couldn’t find the time to publish something new and snappy on this quaint website of ours, but that would be a lie. I’ve been lazy. * cue in ‘wah lau kengster!* gibberish* And for that i’m sorry again. Continue reading ‘Thank You!!’