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Thank You!!

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It’s been a long while since i posted something up here and i know Jason’s getting a little bugged that his two man band has seen a 50% drop in efficiency in the past month. Apologies for that. I would say that i was busy with work and couldn’t find the time to publish something new and snappy on this quaint website of ours, but that would be a lie. I’ve been lazy. * cue in ‘wah lau kengster!* gibberish* And for that i’m sorry again. Continue reading ‘Thank You!!’

3rd Busking session in town

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A big hello and thank you to those who are visiting. And if you actually got this url from our poster as you so deftly walked by last wed, an even bigger Wahoo! cos that would mean the money spent on that board of info went to good use. Continue reading ‘3rd Busking session in town’

2nd Busking in Orchard Road underpass

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Low intensity's 2nd busking session at the taka-lucky plaza underpass

Low intensity at the taka-lucky plaza underpass

Hi to all the people who heard our music last night and a big thank you for all your gifts of appreciation.

It was quite a tiring session, standing and singing for almost 2 hours straight and going through, I reckon , all our songs twice. Continue reading ‘2nd Busking in Orchard Road underpass’